Enduring quality.
Simple beauty.

By blending innovative architecture and old-world craftsmanship with functional design and state-of-the-art amenities, Bel Air Custom Build provides superior quality homes that emanate timeless style. Our professional and imaginative approach to custom homebuilding ensures that each project is built flawlessly, and by holding the client’s hand throughout the design and build process, Bel Air Custom Build ensures that the home ultimately reflects the unique lifestyle and standards of the client.
With over 30 years of experience, Bel Air Custom Build brings elevated style and quality to every project he takes on. Each home we build follows a defined, multi-phase process to ensure that we live up to our promise of building a home designed especially for the client, and a step above his/her expectations.

It takes more than top-grade materials to build a beautiful home.

Designing and building a custom luxury home requires a substantial investment of time, energy and money. Bel Air Custom Build respects this investment. We use open-book accounting and believes in true, not speculative, pricing. We also makes a point to speak with the client about scope and budget throughout the project, from the design phase to the building phase, ensuring the entire endeavour stays on time and on budget.

When assembling the team for each project, we bring together the most dynamic industry professionals who mirror our inspired taste in design and commitment to flawless construction. Our working relationships are based on quality, integrity and reliability, and our firm is committed to delivering excellent value.

Client Focused

The process begins with a review of your goals and a meeting to establish the scope of your project. We look at your idea photographs and take into consideration your furnishings, collections, or any special needs to determine your ideal dream home. The result of these meetings is a set of detailed notes, which become the "program" for your project.

Driven By Design

During the design phase, we develop concepts or "schemes" for your project based on our discussions and findings. We present hand-drafted site plans, floor plans, and elevation drawings. Additionally, we may illustrate the schemes with a 3D model. You will see preliminary furniture layouts, window placements, and kitchen and bathroom solutions. As we review our work with you and refine the direction of your project, we may present more than one round of schematic designs.

Bringing Confidence Home

Once you have confirmed the scope and budget for your project, construction will begin. We are committed to informing our homeowners about the unsurpassed quality and attention built into each home. To ensure that you know what goes on during the construction process, we will schedule walk-throughs at every key stage during construction, allowing you to understand the nuances of the process, and see firsthand how your dreams become reality. This includes initial framing, dry-wall installation, flooring installation and all the finishing touches that follow. This process allows you to make modifications as work progresses, and to make non-structural changes to the floor plan if necessary.

Welcome Home

Everything we do is about the feeling you get when you first step inside: the feeling of home. That feeling is more than just loving where you live. It's knowing you made the right decision at the right time with the right people.


On Time, On Budget

At Bel Air Custom Build, we pride ourselves on being on time and on budget. We are focused on understanding your needs from the very beginning of our relationship to give you exactly what you want, within your financial guidelines. Bel Air Custom Build has created a detailed building process using completion schedules, kept up to date online, which keeps your home on track. We ensure the planning and finishes are in place and all the production details are well organized before the drawings or construction has commenced. This will avoid unnecessary and costly delays during construction. We also understand the importance of adhering to your budget, giving you added value by way of exceptional design, fine craftsmanship, and quality materials at a fair price.

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